Hotels in Tuguegarao City in Cagayan Valley

I’ve been in Tuguegarao for 5 days now, and been staying in two different hotels. Both have been decent hotels, but more expensive than I thought the hotels here would be. Tuguegarao is the capital of the province of Cagayan, north-east on the Luzon island in the Philippines. It’s a fairly large city with about 130,000 people living there. Interesting fact is that the highest recorded temperature in the Philippines was recorded here in 1912 at 42.2°. It’s not that warm here right now, but in march the average temperature is about 38°.

Hotel Candice.
Anyways, the first hotel I stayed at here was hotel Candice. It’s in the centre of Tuguegarao City, close to Hotel Roma which is the biggest hotel in the city, and also close to all the fastfood chains like Jollibee, MacDonalds, etc. I didn’t stay in Hotel Roma, as it was quite expensive with 1,600 peso rates for a standard room with double bed.

Hotel Candice charges 700 peso for a standard double-bed room, which is the one I wanted, but unfortunately they didn’t have that room available so I had to stay in a deluxe twin bed instead at 1,000 peso. That was kind of annoying, I have no use for two beds after all, but guess it was since I didn’t book ahead. They told me they probably had the room I wanted available the next day, but that didn’t happen so I moved over to another hotel. The room I stayed in was quite nice though, and a pluss with the hotel is that they have internet in every room. Their contact numbers are (+63) 78844-2001 and (+63) 78844-2002.

Hotel Ivory.
The hotel I moved to after Hotel Candice was Hotel Ivory. This hotel is a little outside the city, about 10 minutes with tricycle from Hotel Candice. I chose to move there since they had a swimming pool, and I’d like to get some tan after a long time in Manila. Their pool is quite nice, but it was unfortunate that they didn’t have any chairs by the pools so that I could sit down, have a drink and enjoy the sun. Right now they are also doing some construction work here, which is quite annoying, but when they are done I’m sure the hotel will look real nice. They decided to give me 20% discount cause of the construction work though, which is real nice.

Here they don’t have internet in the room, but they have wifi down in the lobby where I’m sitting right now writing this. It’s a pretty good connection actually, I can even upload pictures from here. The room I’m staying in right now is 1150 peso, a deluxe double-bed room. It’s quite large and really nice. Their cheapest room start at about 600 peso, but all the cheaper rooms were fully booked at the moment. Their contact number is (+63)78846-1722 and (+63)78844 1275 .

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